Active Skills in Necromunda Underhive Wars is a skill category. Active Skills are techniques that fighters can use in battle, these require a certain number of AP to be executed. Active Skills are categorized into different groups such as Career (Classes) Skills, Gang Skills, Juve Skills, and distinct Leader Skills. Players can equip a maximum number of 5 active skills and these can be purchased from the Skill Collections tab by spending XP. This page covers a list of all the Active Skills in the game, for a list of Passive Skills, click here.



Necromunda Underhive Wars Active Skills


Career Active Skills


Brawler Skills



Saboteur Skills



Heavy Skills



Deadeye Skills



Lay-Mechanic Skills



Other Active Skills


Juve Skills



Ganger Skills



Leader Skills


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    • Anonymous

      These are just the Goliath skills. Every class has a unique skill dependent on your house (ie, Escher Sabotuers get Corrupting Trap instead of Dizzying Trap)

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