Armor in Necromunda Underhive Wars is worn by units to decrease the amount of damage received by enemy attacks. Armor is divided into three different categories: Arms Armor, Body Armor, and Legs Armor. Armor can be acquired by completing Missions, by Manufacturing, or by recruiting soldiers that come equipped with armor.

The armed forces of the far future are equipped with advanced powered armored suits and protective fields. These bulky and expensive devices are necessary to protect a warrior against the awesome weaponry used on the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Armour is less useful in the depths of the Necromundan hives. Its bulk hinders movement amongst the tangled ruins and its cost is beyond the means of all but the most wealthy fighters. Although advanced armor is sometimes traded, by far the most common forms of protection are simpler types of protection such as mesh and carapace.


Armor in Necromunda Underhive Wars


Arms Armor in Necromunda Underhive Wars is an armor piece. Arms Armor is worn by the fighter and can be equipped separately on both arms, each armor piece grants defensive properties against the different types of damage and it also provides various buffs and effects.  Armor can be acquired by completing Missions, by manufacturing, it can be purchased from the Shop, obtained through loot or by opening Caskets, and by recruiting soldiers that come equipped with armor. This page covers a list of all the Arms Armor found in the Underhive.



Necromunda Underhive Wars Arms Armor


Armor Type

Equip Location




Left Vambrace - Flak Flak Left Arm 10% 20% 10%
Right Vambrace - Flak Flak Right Arm 10% 20% 10%
Left Vambrace - Carapace Carapace Left Arm 20% 10% 10%
Right Vambrace - Carapace Carapace Right Arm 20% 10% 10%
Left Vambrace - Mesh Mesh Left Arm 10% 10% 20%
Right Vambrace - Mesh Mesh Right Arm 10% 10% 20%
Gas Mask Flak Left Arm 20% 10% 10%
Grapnel Special Left Arm 65% 65% 65%
Servo Arm Special Left Arm 45% 45% 45%
Left Armguard Special Left Arm 45% 45% 45%
Right Armguard Special Right Arm 45% 45% 45%

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