Basic Drill

Weapon Type Bladed Weapon
Average Damage 22
Damage Type Piercing
Graze Dmg. 5-6 (x1)
Normal Dmg. 19-25 (x1)
Critical Dmg. 37-50 (x1)
AP 15
INI -5
Weapon Stats
Hit Precision -5%
Critical Hit Chance 15%
Stun Chance 20%

Basic Drill is a Melee Weapon in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Basic Drill is a Bladed Weapon with an average damage of 22 Piercing. Each weapon in the game requires a certain number of AP for it to be used in battle. Melee Weapons are normally used by Fighters with one or two hands and can only inflict damage in close proximity.



Basic Drill Information

  • Weapon Differentiator: Balanced
  • Weapon Type: Bladed Weapon
  • Class Requirement: Lay-Mechanic Only
  • Weapon AP: 15
  • Weapon INI: -5
  • Average Damage: 22
  • Damage Type: Piercing
  • Purchase Price: 50
  • Selling Price: 50


Basic Drill Acquisition

  • Default Lay-Mechanic weapon when no other left hand weapon is equipped


Basic Drill Stats

  • Graze Damage: 5-6 (x1)
  • Normal Damage: 19-25 (x1)
  • Critical Damage: 37-50 (x1)
  • Hit Precision: -5%
  • Critical Hit Chance: 15%
  • Stun Chance: 20%


Basic Drill Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Required Resources Weapon Upgrade Weapon Upgrade
I ?? ?? ??


Basic Drill Notes & Trivia

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.
  • Since it is a default weapon a Basic Drill can only be rank I.
  • Equipment does not have a player level requirement, you can still equip a Lvl.6 weapon even if you're a Lvl.1 player.



List of Melee Weapons
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