Bionic Implants, in Necromunda Underhive Wars, are mechanical or electronic cybernetic substitutes for biological Human limbs or organs. Generally, the bionic replacement is stronger, durable, more effective than the original, or gives its user completely new abilities. The Underhive presents a weird mixture of advanced technology and primitive technical improvisation. in the Underhive there are a few skilled bio-surgeons able to perform transplants for those who are able to pay the price.


All Bionic Implants in Necromunda Underhive Wars


Name & Icon Bionic Description
Antibody Profusion The user gains +50% Healing Received.
Ranged Mastery: Heavy The user gains +25% Ranged Critical Damage with Heavy Weapons.
Blood Flow Regulator The user gains +35 Max MP. 
Parting Gift (Implant) Grants +20 Melee Critical Chance while Heavily or Gravely Wounded.
Agility Chip +5 Agility and Max Agility.
Strength Chip +5 Strength and Max Strength.
Toughness Chip +5 Toughness and Max Toughness.
Intelligence Chip +5 Intelligence and Max Intelligence.
Willpower Chip +5 Willpower and Max Willpower.
Alertness Chip +5 Alertness and Max Alertness.
Melee Prowess Chip +5 Melee Prowess and Max Melee Prowess.
Ranged Aptitude Chip +5 Ranged Aptitude and Max Ranged Aptitude.
Accuracy Chip +5 Accuracy and Max Accuracy.
Synaptic Tuning +25 EXP Bonus at the End of Turn.
Fear Suppression Module +30% Stress Resistance.
Adrenal Accelerant +30% Stun Resistance.
Ballistic Matrix +25% Ranged Precision on the next Ranged Attack if the user misses a ranged attack.
Optimized Reflex Arcs While Engaged, the user gains +10% Melee Evasion.
Danger Stimulant +15% Critical Hit Resistance
Stress-Tensing Tissue Upon entering a Hazard Zone, gain +20% Hit Resistance.
Structural Analyzer Inflict +200 Damage to Destructible Elements.
Neural Shielding When Stunned, the user gains +35% Critical Hit Resistance.
Melee Enhancer: One-Handed +10% Melee Precision with One-Handed Melee Weapons.
Melee Enhancer: Two-Handed +10% Melee Precision with Two-Handed Melee Weapons.
Ranged Enhancer: Pistols +10% Ranged Precision with One-Handed Ranged Weapons.
Ranged Enhancer: Rifles +10% Ranged Precision with Two-Handed Ranged Weapons.
Ranged Enhancer: Heavy Weapons +10% Ranged Precision with Heavy Weapons.
Neuronal Sensitivity +15% Ranged Evasion and Melee Evasion but loses -75% Healing Received.
Calming Chip Removes and prevents Shellshock, Megalomania, and Heroic Idiocy Injuries.
Nano Machines Removes and prevents the Unknown Disease injury.
Machine Attunement +20% Weapon Reliability.
Genetic Imprinting Prevents the Severed Arm, Severed Leg, and One-eyed injuries.
Immortal Conditioning Prevents the Death, Subdural Hematoma, Unknown Disease, and Multiple Traumas injuries.
Pristine Psyche Nullifies the effects of all Vices.
Cardiovascular Regulator +10 MP if Kneeling when a New Round begins.
Terrain Analyzer Reduces the cost of Overwatch and Ambush by -100% AP on the first round.
Muscle-Tensing Capacitors +15% Melee Critical Hit Chance on the first Melee Skill of each round.
Fibroblast Stimulator +30 HP if Heavily or Gravely Wounded at the Start of Turn.
Phalangeal Actuators +25 Damage added to the Active Ranged Weapon on the next attack.
Adrenal Injectors +50 Initiative on the First Round, +25 Initiative on the Second Round.
Nerve Inhibitor Prevents Heavily or Gravely Wounded.
Kinetic Transference Upon receiving Melee Critical Damage, gains -15 AP cost of Strike.
Vector Diagnostics Upon receiving Ranged Critical Damage, gains -15 AP cost of Shoot.
Quick Thinking Reduces the cost of Jump, Vault, and Kneel by -15 AP.
Weapon Maintenance Database Reduces the cost of Reload Weapon and Field Repair by -15 AP.
Tactical Survey +10 Max MP.
Offensive Survey +10 Max AP.
Melee Mastery: One-Handed +25% Melee Critical Damage with One-Handed Melee Weapons.
Melee Mastery: Two-Handed +25% Melee Critical Damage with Two-Handed Melee Weapons.
Ranged Mastery: One-Handed +25% Ranged Critical Damage with One-Handed Ranged Weapons.
Ranged Mastery: Two-Handed +25% Ranged Critical Damage with Two-Handed Ranged Weapons.
Offensive Carrier +25 Melee Precision and Ranged Precision while carrying an objective item.
Soothing Vibes +35% Chance of resisting the Pinned effect.
Critical Survival After receiving Critical Damage, the user gains +5 Critical Hit Resistance.
Defensive Carrier +25 Hit Resistance while carrying an objective item.

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      it seems some of the Chips arent avaiable for players at the moment on PS4 or maybe its just me, because they are incredible rare. But the most below from Calming Chip i never saw in the Shop or from Luck Crates. Only Enemies wear them but Armor and Chips arent lootable so far i know, so it seems unobtainable for me. I search confirmation for this.

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