Signature Skill death_from_above_signature_skill_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxDeath from Above
Career Perks Vigilant
+55% Protection

Brawler is a Class in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Classes are categorized as "Careers" and each class has unique Skills and attributes. Each of the 5 different Careers will grant Fighters a unique Signature Skill, as well as special Career Perks and bonuses to certain stats. In terms of fighting capabilities, all Fighters will be able to learn and use a great number of general Skills, but many abilities will also be exclusive to certain Career paths.


Brawler Description

  • Tough Fighters who revel in close-quarter combat. Brawlers belong on the front lines, where they can disrupt enemy ranks and assist allies in need.


Brawler Signature Skill

  • death_from_above_signature_skill_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxDeath from Above
    • User jumps down to create an AOE blast.
    • Deals 46 - 63 ?? to all Fighters in a 5 m radius.
    • Attack ignores Ranged Evasion and cannot deal Graze.
    • Fighter is stunned.


Brawler Perks

  • brawler_skill_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxArmguard: Special Armour that provides +45% Protection against All damage types to both arms.
  • brawler_skill_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxVigilant: Reduces the cost of Ambush by -5.


Brawler Bonus Stats

  • +4 Melee Prowess and Max Melee Prowess
  • +4 Willpower and Max Willpower
  • +4 Toughness and Max Toughness 


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Brawler Notes & Tips

  • ??
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