Build: Roaring Forge

Skill Category Active Skill
Skill Type Field Control
Skill  AP 25
Range 11m
Required XP 25

Build: Roaring Forge is an Active Skill in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Active Skills are techniques that fighters can use in battle, these require a certain number of AP to be executed. Active Skills are categorized into different groups such as Career (Classes) Skills, Gang Skills, Juve Skills, and distinct Leader Skills. Players can equip a maximum number of 5 active skills and these can be purchased from the Skill Collections tab by spending XP.


Build: Roaring Forge Information

  • Skill Category: Active Skills
  • Skill Type: Field Control
  • Skill AP: 25
  • Range: 11m


Build: Roaring Forge Acquisition

  • This skill can be learned by spending 25 XP


Build: Roaring Forge Stats

  • Deploy a Destructible Device with 400 HP
  • Creates a zone of fire that deals 5 - 10 damage
  • Affects all Fighters in a 5m radius
  • Activates when targets start a Turn. move or perform Skills within radius
    • Target location must be flat and free of obstacles
    • Disabled in Unsafe Zone or if using Kneel
    • Lasts until Device is Destroyed. Does not Stack.


Build: Roaring Forge Upgrade Table

AP Lvl. I Lvl. II Lvl. III
25 AP 20 AP 15 AP
Stat Requirements
Strength Lvl. I Lvl. II Lvl. III
4 8 12



Build: Roaring Forge Notes & Trivia

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.



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