Chapter 02 - The Secret

Mission Type Story Mission
District ???
Reward/s ???
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Chapter 02 - The Secret is a Story Mission in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Missions are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game, Story Mode features 15 Story Missions where you will play as the three main gangs: House Escher, House Goliath, and House Orlock where you'll learn about their motivations and objectives.


Chapter 02 - The Secret Description

  • Deep in neutral territory and away from prying eyes, Vex and Kyra finally reunite with the rest of the Banecats, eager to hear their leader Tessera's big announcement - and her reasons for leaving their Clan's territory.


Chapter 02 - The Secret Rewards

  • Rewards 1


Chapter 02 - The Secret Walkthrough

  • After the cutscene ends, select Vex and move forward between the containers to reach the Zip Line. Use it to go up to Floor 03. Once there, use your Aura Safeguard and kneel by the right edge.
  • Then select Kyra, get out the container and take your left. Move forward between the containers and turn right once you pass them. Once you reach the Zip Line, use it to meet with Vex at the third floor. A few steps later you'll find a casket, you can loot Adrenaline Shots and Melta Grenades. Then kneel next to the casket. 
  • Your enemy Pryska will approach and perform a ranged attack on Vex, then he will kneel next to a pile of barrels. Select Hyviene and go forward to the Zip Line and sabotage it. Then move forward a few steps and kneel next a metal plate on your right. Then Vex will get shot by Rukiah, performing an Aimed shot from floor 07. 
  • Select Quorri and move a few steps ahead, then jump down to the Toxin Gas, then turn left a go inside the elevator on your left. Select Tessera and jump down, then follow the same path Quorri did and meet with her. Take the elevator to Floor 5. There you will encounter Flynt.  Attack at him with Aimed Shot.
  • Once your enemies end the turn and round 2 starts, select Tessera and attack  Flynt again and your turn will end. Your enemy Pryska will attack Vex twice. After that, select Kyra and go around a central control structure to encounter Pryska, then use Strike on him twice. After that, Flynt will use the elevator to go to Floor 7, and he will move a few steps away from the elevator, then he will shoot at Quorri. Once Flynt turn is over, another enemy named Tig will appear and take an elevator to Floor 7. After his turn ends, select Vex and move forward next to Pryska and defeat him. Then loot both Medicae Kits from the casket on your right.
  • Then your enemy Rukiah will go to the Makeshift Bridge and shoot Tessera. After that, select Quorri, exit the elevator and turn left to find Flynt. After defeating him, check his body to find out what Gang they belong to and complete an objective. Then select Hyviene and move forward to the elevator, press the call button on the right and once it goes down, take it to Floor 5. Get out the elevator and take your left. Go ahead and sabotage the Toxin Machine on your right. Then go straight to the stairs and end the turn. You will see your enemy Mikizov move to a new position and perform Overwatch.
  • Next, Rukiah will attack Tessera and stay in her position. Then, select Hyviene and follow the stairs up till you get to the Cogitator. Use it to secure an Extraction Zone, located on Floor 2. After that, select Tessera, move forward a few steps, and she will get killed. Then, your enemy Tig will move next to the Cogitator area and attack Hyviene. Once his turn ends, select Vex and go down the stairs on your left. Move forward till the elevator and press the call button and get on the elevator once it reaches the Floor 7. 
  • Next select Quorri and take the elevator to Floor 2. Get out the elevator and take your right and go straight a few steps ahead of the Zip Line. After that select Kyra and loot the caskets in the Cogitator area. Then reach Vex at the elevator down the stairs. Then select Hyviene and loot the caskets close to her, next join Vex and Kyra at the elevator. Your enemy Tig will get to the stairs that leads to the elevator, and he will attack Vex. After the strike, he will kneel next to some vaults behind.
  • Once Tig's turn ends, select Quorri and move forward to the elevator in your right. Press the call button and once down, take the elevator to Floor 05. After that, Rukiah will reach the stairs next to Tig's location and attack Vex.  Then Rukiah will get cover behind Tig. Once Rukiah turn ends, select Vex and take the elevator to Floor 02. Get outside and attack Mikizov just in front of you. Then select Kyra and move next to Mikizov and defeat him by performing melee attacks. Then you can loot him.
  • Next select Hyviene, get outside the elevator and take your right. Move forward to the Makeshift Bridge. Use it to get to Floor 03 and equip Adrenaline Shot. Once Hyviene turn ends, Tig will jump over the edge and look for Vex and attack her. Then Rukiah will jump down  next to Tig and attack Vex too.  Next, select Vex and turn around to your left and move forward until you reach the Extraction Zone. After that select Kyra and join Vex at the Extraction Zone.
  • Then, pick Quorri and follow up the stairs on your left. Next, select Hyviene and turn left on the first corner, go through the bridge and take your right and go to the elevator. Take it to Floor 05. Then, Tig will use a Zip Line to get to Floor 07 and attack Hyviene. Rukiah will follow him and keep on to the bridge on the right to attack Hyviene. Select Quorri, go up the stairs and once you pass the Cogitator area, go down the stairs on your right. 
  • Next, select Hyviene and move a few steps ahead, then use an Adrenaline Shot to revive Tessera. Once she is alive, use a Medicae Kit to heal her. Then, move forward take the stairs in front of you and end your turn. Tig will move next to the edge and attack Hyviene. Select Tessera and move next to Quorri. After that, Rukiah will get next to the elevator and attack Hyviene too. 
  • Afterwards, select Quorri, and call the elevator. Next, select Vex and use Medicae Kit on herself. After this, pick Hyviene and go up the stairs, and then kneel behind the vaults. Your enemy Tig will go up the stairs and take position to attack Hyviene. Then, Rukiah will change her position. Afterwards, select Quorri and defeat Tig. Then, select Tessera and go up the  firsts stairs, then go down the next stairs. Once round 9 begins, choose Hyviene and go down the stairs, and move forward to the elevator. Rukiah will use a Zip Line to get next to Tessera and kill  Hyviene. Afterwards, pick Tessera and reach the elevator, equip an Adrenaline Shot and use it to revive Hyviene. Look for cover and kneel inside the elevator. 
  • Then select Vex and move her to the elevator on your right. Go to Floor 07 and attack Rukiah. Then she will attack back to Hyviene. Select Quorri and join Tessera at the elevator, then go to Floor 02 and reach the Extraction Zone. 
  • Afterwards select Tessera and move straight to the Extraction Zone to complete the Mission.



Mission Important Notes & Tips

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