Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois

Mission Type Story Mission
District ???
Reward/s ???
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Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois is a Story Mission in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Missions are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game, Story Mode features 15 Story Missions where you will play as the three main gangs: House Escher, House Goliath, and House Orlock where you'll learn about their motivations and objectives.



Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois Description

  • The Banecats making their way towards the archeotech, unaware that a surviving Goliath has overheard everything about the deal Tessera has struck with Guilder DeVos.


Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois Rewards

  • Rewards 1


Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois Walkthrough

  • After the cutscene, your enemy Savyi will attack Blutvor from above. Once Savyi's turn ends, select Blutvor and  move forward to reach the yellow and black ground, take your left and go on. After you pass the column on your right, turn on that direction and move next to the container.
  • Once there, face the barricade on the  right and activate Overwatch. Afterwards, take Haagen and perform an Aimed Shot at your enemy Moaene, who is on the level below you. Then use Entrenched and activate Overwatch to cover the area where Moaene could move.
  • In the next scene you'll watch your enemy Calria order an Attack and kneel. Then, select Drezika, take your left and move forward until you reach the Zip Line. Use it to go to Floor 08, a giant pipeline. Once inside it, move a few steps forward and end the turn. After that, Moaene will appear and jump down to Floor 03. She will enter into Blutov's Overwatch area, so she will get shot by him. Then she will hide and kneel. 
  • Select Vrexa, go to your left and go around the container to reach the elevator. Go through it and as soon as you get out, face the column on your left with a number "4" and activate Overwatch (Spread Weapon). Next, another enemy named Cymoria will appear. She will take a new position and activate Overwatch. Another scene will start, and you'll watch Quorri take a new position, then she will activate Overwatch too. 
  • Then, select Guag, go to your left and pass the column with a number "3" on your right. Then move forward between the two containers., take cover behind the container located on the mound. Next, pick Haagen and attack Savyi who is located on the lower level. Use Aimed Shot to hit her Torso. Then use Entrenched and activate Overwatch over the area around Savyi. 
  • In the next scene, you'll watch Calria moving towards the elevator on Floor 03. When she reaches the elevator, Blutov will attack her.Next, Savyi will start moving moving around, as she is into Haages' Overwatch area, he will attack and Savyi will die. Then, select Blutov and move between the containers to reach Calria. Use Aimed Shot to attack her twice. Go backwards a few steps and take cover behind a container before ending the turn.
  • Then pick Vrexa and take your left around the elevator. An enemy will approach and attack you. After this, disengage, take a few steps away and use Spread Shot to attack your enemy, then reload. Turn back and go through the elevator and turn left when you get out of it to take cover behind the two barrels.
  • In the next scene, you'll see Moaene take the elevator to Floor 10 and attack Drezika from above. Next, select Drezika and go ahead to the pipe edge and throw a Homemade 'Nade to Moaene location. Then jump down to Floor 07, turn left and jump down again to reach the Chem Lab where Moaene is.
  • Next, Quorri will appear and move towards Blutvor to attack him. In the next scene, you'll see Cymoria take a new position. Select Guag and go back to attack Calria again and defeat her. Loot the Rusted Key and Chainswords from her body Then move forward to the door in front of the elevator and reload before your turn ends.
  • After that, round 3 will begin, so you'll see Moaene move towards Floor 05 and reach Drezika to attack him. Next, pick Blutvor and get to Calria's body to loot both Laspistols. Then move next to Blutvor and use your Safeguard Aura. After that, Cymoria will approach the edge and attack Blutvor from above.
  • Select Drezika again and throw a Homemade 'Nade to Moaene, then use Spread Shot to attack her again. Next, use Entrenched and attack her again to defeat her. Next, ignite two of the four Chem Lab before looting Moaene's body.
  • After you end the turn, Quorri will move to Floor 05 to attack and kill Blutvor from a window above, later she will move to Floor 06. Then, select Guag and get inside the room in front of you, next head up the stairs to the upper floor. Then, go reach the dispenser on your right next to the window and use it to heal yourself. Turn right, reload and activate Overwatch before ending the turn.
  • Switch to Haagen and take your left, go across the bridge and pass the broken machine on your right. Stand by the right edge and jump down to Floor 06 next to Quorri, then use Aimed Shot to hit her Torso. Then, jump down on your right. After that, switch to Vrexa and move forward to the elevator, go across it and take your left. Then go straight to reach the room beneath where Guag is and activate Overwatch while facing the stairs.
  • Select Drezika and ignite another Chem Lab. Then, move a few steps to your left, so you can target both Quorri and Cymoria, use Spread Shot with both hands to attack them. Quorri will fall down, so use Entrenched, Reload and attack Cymoria again. Reload before ending your turn. Switch to Vrexa and take your left, move a few steps, then turn back to face the Barricade and activate Overwatch. After that, Cymoria will move around and attack Guag.
  • When her turn ends, pick Haagen and head up the stairs to encounter Cymoria at the Chem Lab. Use Aimed Shot to attack her, then use Field Repair and move next to Quorri's body to loot her. Switch to Guag and head up the stairs to encounter Cymoria and defeat her. Use Entrenched before ending the turn. Then ignite the last Chem Lab to complete the mission. 


Mission Important Notes & Tips

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