Chapter 05 - All Aboard

Mission Type Story Mission
District Cargo Dome Arena
Reward/s ???
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Next Mission: Chapter 06 - Into the Fire

Chapter 05 - All Aboard is a Story Mission in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Missions are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game, Story Mode features 15 Story Missions where you will play as the three main gangs: House Escher, House Goliath, and House Orlock where you'll learn about their motivations and objectives.


Chapter 05 - All Aboard Description

  • Following DeVos' advice, the Rowdy Bois head towards what would provide a quick means of transportation downhive and on the trail of Tessera's Banecats - an old train controlled by the Havoc Engine Goliaths.


Chapter 05 - All Aboard Rewards

  • Rewards 1


Chapter 05 - All Aboard Walkthrough

  • After the cutscene, your enemy Loexro will appear first. Then select Guag and Jump Down to the ground. Approach the platform in front of you and activate Ambush facing the fire on the left. A new cinematic will be played, after it ends select Spugl and Jump Down to meet with Guag. End your turn, then Loexro will approach your Gang, but he will get attack by Guag first. Loexro will strike back. Then another enemy named Spelt will approach your Gang. Spugl will ambush him and strike first, then Spelt will fight back. 
  • After that, select Guag and use Machine Strike to attack Loexro twice. Then turn back and get on the platform to use the Dispenser to heal yourself. Once the new cinematic ends, round 3 will begin and Spelt will attack Spugl. Once he finishes the attack, select Spugl and fight back until you defeat Spelt. Then, get on the same platform where Guag is. 
  • Later, Loexro will take some distance from your Gang. Select Guag and jump down next to the wooden pallets and use the Ambush ability. Switch to Blutvor and jump down next to the wooden pallets. Approach the wooden pallets on your left and loot the Brute Cleaver, then equip it in your left hand. Next, turn back and use the Order: Planning skill on Spugl. After that, move next to Guag and use the Order:Attack Skill on him. Perform Ambush before ending the turn. 
  • In the next scene, another enemy, Karxx, will move towards Guag's Ambush area, so Karxx will be attacked by Guag. Then, Karxx will fight him back. Next, select Spugl, use the dispenser to recover HP and approach Karxx. Jump down to attack him, use Entrenched and end the turn. Karxx will defeat Guag and attack Spugl. Then select Spugl, approach Karxx and defeat him. Before your turn ends, use the Ambush ability. 
  • After that, Loexro will attack and defeat Spugl. Then, select Haagen and get close to the bodies to loot and equip in both Brute Cleavers. Move next to Blutvor and use the Ambush ability. Another enemy, Borxel will get on the platform next to the Health Dispenser. A new cinematic will be played and The Champion will appear. Then, select Blutvor and use Order: Blitz on Haagen, and activate Ambush. Once your turn ends, The Champion will approach Haagen to attack him, dealing a great amount of damage on Haagen. Then, Loexro will move onto the platform and use the dispenser to recover HP. 
  • Then select Haagen and use Iron Will to improve your defense. Attack The Champion, use Entrenched and attack him again. After that perform Disengage and take a few steps away from The Champion. Then, Borxel will attack Blutvor Once he finishes his turn, select Braxnn, jump down and move forward to The Champion. Use Strike to attack and defeat him. Then move next to your enemy Borxel. Switch to Blutvor, use the Dispenser to heal yourself.  Then, Borxel will attack  Braxnn. Defeat both Borxel and Loexro to complete the mission.

Mission Important Notes & Tips


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