Chapter 08 - Hot Rod

Mission Type Story Mission
District ???
Reward/s ???
Prev. Mission: Chapter 07 - Black Ash
Next Mission: Chapter 09 - Settle Down

Chapter 08 - Hot Rod is a Story Mission in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Missions are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game, Story Mode features 15 Story Missions where you will play as the three main gangs: House Escher, House Goliath, and House Orlock where you'll learn about their motivations and objectives.



Chapter 08 - Hot Rod Description

  • Before divulging Tessera's location, DeVos insisted on Flynt and his Black Ash undertaking what he called a small, profitable task - a straightforward heist targeting the Havoc Engine Goliaths.


Chapter 08 - Hot Rod Rewards

  • Rewards 1


Chapter 08 - Hot Rod Walkthrough

  • Walkthrough of the Mission goes here.


Mission Important Notes & Tips

  • ??
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