Facilities in Necromunda Underhive Wars grant you different bonuses at specific intervals. When entering a new District, you’ll be given the opportunity to select up to 2 different Facilities. In the same way, you’ll also be able to spend your acquired Infamy Points - a resource bound to your entire Player Profile, meaning it can be spent on any of your created Gangs - to purchase and upgrade Infamy Skills, which are modifiers that will be implemented in the current District.

Shift Reports

In the darkness of the Underhive, time is counted in Shifts. When you select your facilities before completing an operation, you will receive Credits and items that are related to that facility. So for example, if you have Salvaging Benches as one of the facilities, you'll gain Armor Pieces after completing the operation and it will appear in your gang's stash. Another example is if you have the Medical Lab, those fighters who are suffering Injuries have a higher chance of recovering by the time you return from the Operation. Skirmish don't take up Shifts. 

Changing Facilities

There are 4 facilities that you can choose before you embark on the Operation. Once you've selected two of your preferred facility, it will remain as it is until you complete the operation.


Necromunda Underhive Wars Facilities


Facilities Bonus Table


Bonus 1

Bonus 2

Bonus 3

Gambling Den and Brewery +10 EXP per battle Craft +1-2 Consumables per shift Gain +40-60 Credits per shift
Medical Lab Craft +1-2 Support Consumables Increased chance of Miracle Recovery by 10% when Injured Reduces chances of Maiming Injuries by 10% when Injured
Salvaging Benches Craft 1-2 Armor pieces per shift Craft +1-2 Tactical Consumables per shift Craft +1-2 Offensive Consumables per shift
Training Ground -10% Cost of hiring Fighters -5 EXP Cost of Stat Upgrades -5 EXP cost of Skill Upgrades

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