Fighter Ranks in Necromunda Underhive Wars are starting stats for the player's gang leader. In your gang, you will need to have a leader who takes the point of the active crew. Unlike Fighters that you can hire in your crew, Leaders do not come with XP for you to spend. Instead, they are recruited or promoted at Rank V and instead, have higher starting stats. The higher the rank or an even more-experienced fighter you hire has a high chance of having injuries or negative status effects on them. This page covers information regarding Fighter Ranks.


Necromunda Underhive Wars Fighter Ranks


Green Juve

The dreadful conditions inflicted on Necromunda's population impel many of the planet's denizens to flee downhive, risking it all in the hope of joining one of the countless gangs who rule the hive cities' lower levels through sheer violence and strength of numbers.

Competant Juve

Juves who outlive their first trial period are often given growing responsibilities within the Gangs - ever more dangerous assignments designed to cull the weak while testing the resolve and loyalty of those who remain.

Top Juve

Climbing through any Gang's ranks is a long and perilous process. Before being accepted as fully-fledged Gangers, experienced Juves are required to continuously keep proving their worth and to never turn away from a fight - no matter the risks.


Veteran Ganger

Those who are fortunate enough to survive their first years of Underhive life will eventually attain Veteran status within the Gang, earning the respect of their fellow Gangers, and the deference of would-be prospects.

Mighty Ganger

Even among long-serving Gang members, some distinctions are reserved only to the most hardened and battle-scarred Fighters - Gangers who have proven their battlefield might over the course of multiple engagements and triumphed against insurmountable odds.

Champion Ganger

Out of the countless poor souls who choose a life of violence in the Underhivem only a select few will survive long enough to become known as apex Champions, exalted by their fellow Gang members and feared by enemies from rival Houses.


Some Fighters possess the ability to inspire and rally others through the bloody maelstrom of battle. Of these, only the most cunning, ruthless, and lucky ones will rise to become Leaders - an instrumental and extremely high-risk position at the very top of the Gang's hierarchy.

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