Game Progress Route for Necromunda Underhive Wars presents a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game, it aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


Necromunda Underhive Wars Game Progress Route



  • Move Vex toward the crates blocking the path
  • Vault over the crates to reach the other side of the platform
  • Switch to Kyra. Approach the ledge and jump down to reach Vex
  • Select Vex
  • Find a way out
  • Approach the Zip Line and use it to reach the other platform.
  • Target, attack and destroy the Barricade using Offensive Skills.
  • Climb the stairs
  • Switch to Kyra
  • Approach the Zip Line and use it to reach the other platform.
  • Approach the Health Dispenser and use it to recover HP (Optional Objective)
  • Defeat Morenn
  • Search Morenn's body and placer her Underhive Map in your Fighter's Backpack.
  • Defeat Trixi
  • Both Vex and Kyra must survive and escape though the Extraction Point


Venturing far from home, Clan Escher gangers Vex and young Kyra traverse treacherous, unknown terrain to reach a secret gathering called by their gang leader.
Regroup and find a way out. 


  1. Select Vex
  2. Approach the Zip Line and use it to reach the central higher ground.
  3. Interact with the Cogitator to secure an Extraction Zone
  4. Switch to Kyra
  5. Approach the Zip Line and use it to reach Vex.
  6. Select Kyra, then approach the Zip Line and use it to reach Vex.
  7. Find Adrenaline Shots in a Loot Casket (Optional Objective)
  8. Sabotage a Zip Line (Optional Objective)
  9. Defeat Pryska
  10. Find Healing Stims in a Loot Casket (Optional Objective)
  11. Defeat Flynt
  12. Search the bodies for Clues
  13. Interact with the Cogitator to secure an Extraction Zone
  14. Reach the Extraction Zone located on Floor 2
  15. Tessera must extract. If needed, revive her with an Adrenaline Shot
  16. Vex must extract (Optional Objective)
  17. Kyra must extract (Optional Objective)


Deep in neutral territory and away from prying eyes, Vex and Kyra finally reunite with the rest of the Banecats eager to hear their leader Tessera’s bing announcement- and her reasons for leaving their Clans's territory.




  1. Set up an ambush using Skills, Traps and Barricades
  2. Place Traps at the choke points (Optional Objective)
  3. Place a Pheromone Canister
  4. Defeat the Rowdy Bois
  5. Reach the rendez-vous point
  6. Call the Elevator
  7. Calibrate the 3 Elevator Generators


Still shaken from the Orlock ambush, Tessera sets up a meeting with a dubious character to negotiate a safe route down to the archeotech - an artifact of such value it was worth risking everything for, even her gang itself.
Secure the area for the meeting with the Guilder. 



  1. Set Traps to the West)(optional Objective)
  2. Enter the Banecat's Hideout perimeter
  3. Search the Hideout for healing supplies (Optional Objective)
  4. Locate the Banecat's Lab
  5. Ignite the 4 Chem Labs
  6. Search defeated enemies for a Key
  7. Defeat Calria
  8. Locate the Guilder's Cell
  9. Attempt to free the Guilder
  10. Defeat the Banecats
  11. Defeat Calria
  12. Sabotage the Banecat's Dispensers (Optional Objective)


The Banecats continue making their way towards the archeotech, unaware that a surviving Goliath has overheard everything about the deal Tessera has struck with Guilder DeVos.
Assault the Banecat's HQ and look for clues of Tessera's wereabouts


CHAPTER 05 - All Aboard

  1. Fight to get The Champion's attention
  2. Repair a Health Dispenser (Optional Objective)
  3. Defeat The Champion
  4. Eliminate the remaining Havoc Engines
  5. Locate the Choker's weapon stash


Join the battle and claim the HQ for yourself



  1. Defeat Zeken
  2. Enter the Chorkers' Hideout perimeter
  3. Eliminate the Dog Soldiers
  4. Locate the Choker's healing supplies
  5. Reach the Reinforcement Door
  6. Disable the Chokers'  Reinforcement Door
  7. Eliminate the remaining Chokers
  8. Locate the Choker's weapon stash (Optional Objective)


With the Rowdy Bois hot on her trail, Tessera sends Kyra to scout the tunnels ahead, as she continues to lead her gang downhive, through hostile territory towards the archeotech



  1. Control the most Lights at the end of the battle


Armed with the information overheard at the Banecats' secret meeting, the Black Ash and their leader decide to confront DeVos at this new hideout, seeking information on Tessera's whereabouts and the artifact she pursues.
Win the Spectrum Supremacy contest to get the information from DeVos.



  1. Search the northern building
  2. Gather the 3 Fuel Rods
  3. Extract with the Fuel Rods
  4. Search the southern building
  5. Gather the 3 Fuel Rods
  6. Rig the Explosives on Generator 1
  7. Steal the Credit Stash (Optional Objective)
  8. Gather a Metal Grenade (Optional Objective)
  9. Extract with the Credit Stash (Optional Objective)
  10. Extract with the Fuel Rods
  11. Flynt must extract
  12. Pryska must extract


Before divulging Tessera's location, DeVos insisted on Flynt and his Black Ash undertaking what he called a small, profitable task - a straightforward heist targeting the Havoc Engine Glotiahs.
Steal the Fuel Rods and extract before too many Goliaths show up



  1. Gather Crates from the train
  2. Approach the Chokers' encampment
  3. Destroy the 6 encampment's Barricades
  4. Use a Melta Grenade (Optional Objective)
  5. Seal the door to stop Reinforcements
  6. Drop the 5 Crates on the wagon
  7. Defeat the remaining Chokers
  8. Defeat Zeken


Abandon the Train and set up a HQ in the deep Underhive



  1. Defeat the Hellions' Leader
  2. Enter the Hideout
  3. Defeat the Chokers' Leader
  4. Set the 3 Explosives on the towers
  5. Search for presence of the Banecats
  6. Set the 2 Explosives in the Hideout
  7. Gather the 3 Clues about the Banecats' werabouts
  8. Extract with the 3 Clues
  9. Flynt must extract
  10. Pryska must extract


Scout the former Banecats HQ and locate clues of Tessera's wereabouts



  1. Search for Fungus Containers
  2. Gather Fungus Containers
  3. Drop the 3 Fungus Containers at the Extraction Point
  4. Send Vex in the Southern Vent
  5. Search for Nightbane
  6. Eliminate the Havoc Engines
  7. Drop the 3 Nightbane at the Extraction Point
  8. Tessera must survive
  9. Kyra must survive
  10. Vex must survive
  11. Reach the Extraction Point
  12. Use a carried Medicae Kit (Optional Objective)


Gather enough resources and extract from the Blodome


  1. Find Blutvor
  2. Find Haagen
  3. Enter the Commissary
  4. Reach the Cellblock
  5. Explore the Cellblock
  6. Free the 5 Rowdy Bois
  7. Reach the Archives
  8. Gather the 4 Databanks
  9. Extract with the 4 Databanks
  10. Use a Health Dispenser (Optional Objective)
  11. Use Adrenaline Shot on Haagen
  12. Use Adrenaline Shot on Blutvor
  13. Defeat Hellion Anni
  14. Defeat Vatraxia
  15. Extract with Blutvor
  16. Extract with Haagen
  17. Extract with Tessera
  18. Extract with Flynt


Team up to free the Rowdy Bois, gather intelligence and escape the wrath of Hellion Anni.



  1. Scout the central platform
  2. Defeat the Dog Soldiers' Leader
  3. Sabotage the 4 Power Stations
  4. Place 2 Explosives on Column 3
  5. Place 2 Explosives on Column 4
  6. Scout the Dog Soldiers' encampment
  7. Gather the 3 Weapon Crates
  8. Extract with the Patrol Schedule
  9. Search the Dog Soldiers' Leader's corpse
  10. Extract with the Weapon Crates
  11. Extract with Blutvor
  12. Extract with Pryska
  13. Extract with Kyra


Plant bombs to collapse the tunnel and extract before the timer runs out.



  1. Eliminate the Dog Soldiers
  2. Blutvor must survive
  3. Flynt must survive
  4. Tessera must survive
  5. Use a carried Medicae Kit (Optional Objective)
  6. Attempt to open the Vault Door
  7. Examine a Gas Dispenser
  8. Find the Dispenser Codes
  9. Defeat Oreznn
  10. Defeat Harxro
  11. Disarm the 7 Gas Dispensers


Assault the Dog Soldiers' defenses and enter the Vault



  1. Set up an ambush
  2. Reach the Archeotech's platform
  3. Seal all the 11 Doors to stop the Dog Soldiers
  4. Use Nightshade Traps (Optional Objectives)
  5. Use Nightshade Grenades (Optional Objectives)
  6. Defeat Oreznn
  7. Defeat The Grand Dog
  8. Disable the Archeotech's electric field
  9. Defeat Harxro
  10. Confirm presence of the Archeotech
  11. Eliminate the remaining Dog Soldiers


Protect the Archeotech at all cost


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