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    • Anonymous

      Is there a game manual explaining the rules and the combat mechanisms ?

      It would be very nice to be able to decide knowingly what weapon to use, depending on our strategy. I mean, a heavy plasma is more expensive than the autocannon or than the lascannon, but seems much worse, damage-wise. So, what would the "stabitity" do ? What is the "jam" chance, what is the "heat" chance, etc ?

      Why do characters have less than the max AP at the start of turn ? It's not explained...

      I've played (and loved) your adaptation of Mordheim, but, so far, Necromunda lacks polish. Not graphically, but info-wise. The UI, too, could be improved. For instance, impossible to map the "number" keys on a French keyboard (that is, impossible to use the special characters on those keys - it's quite sad to have to use the keypad when having a FR keymap, when it works perfectly on a US keymap, for instance)

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