House Escher

House Perk Toxin Specialist

House Escher is a Gang in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Gangs consist of three houses that players can select from, each of which will come with their own flavor, special House Perk, and Bonus Stats. Many of the skills that your Fighters will use in battle will also have special variants, depending on the House your Gang belongs to.


A Matriarchal house boasting generations of pharmaceutical expertise, Eschers produce and supply the hive's other Clan Houses with all manners of drugs and stimms.


House Escher Information

House Escher is unique among the great Houses, for its gangs are entirely made up of women. Masters of pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation, they provide other houses with a range of exotic stimms, gene-enhancing elixirs, and luxury drugs.

Escher gangers are among the most lethal to stalk the hives of Necromunda. What these war-maidens might lack in terms of raw physical strength, they more than make up for in Speed, style, and displays of unhinged, aggressive & merciless violence.

Ecscher gangs have a well-deserved reputation for cruelty, even by the callous standards of Necromunda. Fallen foes can expect no mercy, and putting an extra round or two into a corpse is considered standard practice for most of their gangers - and woe to any that find themselves taken prisoner.


House Escher House Perk

  • Toxin Specialist
    • -10 AP cost of all Support Consumables
    • On the Start of the Turn: User's active Melee Weapons become Poisoned.
    • When a Poisoned Melee Weapon deals damage
      • +15% AP cost of all Offensive Melee Skills.
      • Lasts until End of Turn. Stackable (x3)


House Escher Bonus Stats

  • +6 Agility and Max Agility
  • +4 Melee Prowess and Max Melee Prowess
  • +2 Intelligence and Max Intelligence 


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House Escher Notes & Tips

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