House Goliath

House Perk hardened_brute_house_perk_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxHardened Brute

House Goliath is a Gang in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Gangs consist of three houses that players can select from, each of which will come with their own flavor, special House Perk, and Bonus Stats. Many of the skills that your Fighters will use in battle will also have special variants, depending on the House your Gang belongs to.


Hulking masters of the forge, whose sprawling industries churn out countless weapons, ammunition, and other goods. Goliaths value physical size and strength above all else.


House Goliath Information

House Goliath owns and operates many of the great foundries of Necromunda. Its hulking workers, often bigger than a Space Marine, are the masters of the furnace and metalworking - a purpose for which they are bred with unthinkable loyalty.

Hose Goliath values nothing higher than physical strength. Its subjects are known to be incredibly strong and tough, but often mentally unbalanced and extremely short-lived, preferring a brute-force approach to solve the challenges and conflicts of hive life.

Goliaths take a stubborn pride in their own gene-crafted ability to endure hardship, looking down on members of the other houses for their perceived softness. In turn,  they are themselves viewed as barbaric abhumans, both unsophisticated and unpredictable.


House Goliath House Perk

  • hardened_brute_house_perk_icon_necromunda_wiki_guide_75pxHardened Brute
    • -5 AP cost of the equipped weapon.
    • For each enemy engaged with user: Defensive Self.
      • +10% Hit Resistance
      • Removed when enemies use Disengage
      • Removed when enemies fall Out of Action
      • Stackable (x3)


House Goliath Bonus Stats

  • +6 Toughness and Max Toughness
  • +4 Strength and Max Strength
  • +2 Willpower and Max Willpower


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House Goliath Notes & Tips

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