House Orlock

House Perk Outrider

House Orlock is a Gang in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Gangs consist of three houses that players can select from, each of which will come with their own flavor, special House Perk, and Bonus Stats. Many of the skills that your Fighters will use in battle will also have special variants, depending on the House your Gang belongs to.


Orlocks are expert miners, who extract and refine the resources of ages past. They control and fiercely defend the vast transport networks between Necromunda's hive cities.


House Orlock Information

House Orlock is known throughout Necromunda as the 'House of Tron', an industrial superpower fuelled by countless ore mines and a stranglehold monopoly of the convoys serving the ferrous slag-heaps that lie out in the barren and dangerous Ash Wastes.

To the other houses, Orlock seems as unified as a clenched fist; its members organized, well-equipped, and utterly united in purpose, their men and women walking proud and tall through the smoke-clogged hallways of the House of Iron.

Orlock gangers have risen above the brutal drudgery of serfdom and claimed a life of violence and personal freedom in its stead. They rely on sturdy weapons and a strong fighting spirit born from the House's us-against-them philosophy.


House Orlock House Perk

  • Outrider
    • -10 AP cost of Disengage
    • After using any Offensive Ranged Skill
      • -33% AP cost of Overwatch (x1)
      • Lasts until End of Turn. Does not Stack


House Orlock Bonus Stats

  • +6 Ranged Aptitude and Max Ranged Aptitude
  • +4 Agility and Max Agility
  • +2 Alertness and Max Alertness


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House Orlock Notes & Tips

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