Injuries in Necromunda Underhive Wars are categorized as debuffs. Players can acquire these negative effects through the game progression, while some experienced fighters you hire and add to your gang are most likely to have preexisting injuries due to their previous time spent in the Underhive. This page covers a list of all the Injuries found in the game.


Necromunda Underhive Wars Injuries


Left/Right Arm Shrapnel

The fighter has a bullet or piece of shrapnel lodged in their arm, causing constant discomfort.

Left/Right Hip Bursitis

The fighter suffers from hip bursitis, causing tremendous pain during certain maneuvers.

Left/Right Leg Shrapnel

The fighter has a bullet or piece of shrapnel lodged in their leg, causing constant discomfort.

Back Shrapnel

The fighter has a bullet or a piece of shrapnel lodged in their lower back, causing constant discomfort.



The fighter has developed a maniacal belief in their own might and invulnerability, diving headlong into the heat of battle.


A sharp blow to the head has clounded [sic] the Fighter's memory.

Shell Shock

The Fighter is traumatized, becoming nervous and easily startled. 




Injuries Table


Injury Name Injury Type Debuff Effect
Corneal Abrasions Head -1 Ranged Aptitude and Max Ranged Aptitude
Heroic Idiocy   +20 AP cost of Disengage
Concussion Head -1 Intelligence and Max Intelligence
Subdural Hematoma Head -15 Max AP
Left/Right Arm Shrapnel Arm +5 AP cost of Equip Weapon, Carry, and Search.
Left/Right Hip Bursitis Leg +10 AP cost of all Melee Stances.
Left/Right Leg Shrapnel Leg +5 AP cost of Jump, Vault, and Death from Above.
Back Shrapnel Body +5 AP cost of Kneel and Stand up.
Megalomania General +33% AP cost of all Ranged Offensive Skills.
Amnesia General -25 XP.
Shell Shock   +5 AP cost of Field Repair and Consumable Items.
Near Death General +25 XP
Left/Right Biceps Contusion Arm -1 Strength and Max Strength

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