Starting XP 0 XP
Potential Rank V
Hire Cost 150

Leader is a Fighter Rank in Necromunda Underhive Wars. The ranking system of a gang's leader consists of starting stats. In your gang, you will need to have a leader who takes the point of the active crew. Unlike Fighters that you can hire in your crew, Leaders do not come with XP for you to spend. Instead, they are recruited or promoted at Rank V and instead, have higher starting stats.


Leader Description

  • Some Fighters possess the ability to inspire and rally others through the bloody maelstrom of battle. Of these, only the most cunning, ruthless, and lucky ones will rise to become Leaders - an instrumental and extremely high-risk position at the very top of the Gang's hierarchy.


Leader Information

  • Starting XP: 0
  • Potential Rank: V
  • Hire Cost: 150


Leader Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Use XP to buy upgrades for a Fighter's Stats and Skills. Each purchase will also contribute to increasing the Fighter's Rank.




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