Missions in Necromunda Underhive Wars are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game. There are many types of Missions each of them with different objectives and difficulties. Most Missions are optional but ignoring them might have a negative repercussion on the player. Missions that are available at any given time will be finite, this will lead rival Gangs to encounter one another on the battlefield, vying for the same resources and trying to accomplish the same objectives before the Sector’s entirely depleted.


All Missions in Necromunda Underhive Wars


Story Missions

Chapter 01 - Hive Quake

Venturing far home, Clan Escher gangers Vex and young Kyra traverse treacherous, unknown terrain to reach a secret gathering called by their gang leader.

Chapter 02 - The Secret

Deep in neutral territory and away from prying eyes, Vex and Kyra finally reunite with the rest of the Banecats, eager to hear their leader Tessera's big announcement - and her reasons for leaving their Clan's territory.

Chapter 03 - A Dependable Agent

Still shaken from the Orlock ambush, Tessera set up a meeting with a dubious character to negotiate a safe route down to the archeotech - an artifact of such value it was worth risking everything for, even her gang itself.


Chapter 04 - Rowdy Bois

The Banecats making their way towards the archeotech, unaware that a surviving Goliath has overheard everything about the deal Tessera has struck with Guilder DeVos.

Chapter 05 - All Aboard

Following DeVos' advice, the Rowdy Bois head towards what would provide a quick means of transportation downhive and on the trail of Tessera's Banecats - an old train controlled by the Havoc Engine Goliaths.

Chapter 06 - Into the Fire

With the Rowdy Bois hot on her trail, Tessera sends Kyra to scout the tunnels ahead, as she continues to lead her gang downhive, through hostile territory and towards the archeotech.


Chapter 07 - Black Ash

Armed with the information overheard at the Banecats' secret meeting, the Black Ash and their leader decide to confront DeVos at his new hideout, seeking information on Tessera's whereabouts and the artifact she pursues.

Chapter 08 - Hot Rod

Before divulging Tessera's location, DeVos insisted on Flynt and his Black Ash undertaking what he called a small, profitable task - a straightforward heist targeting the Havoc Engine Goliaths.

Chapter 09 - Settle Down

Having succesfully commandeered the old train, Blutvor and his Rowdy Bois continue their progression downhive, eager to reach the archeotech and to prove their namesake to any who would stand in their way.


Chapter 10 - Through the Ruins

After double-crossing DeVos and learning of Tessera's whereabouts from their heist's Goliath prisoner, Flunt and the Black Ash scour the trail leading to the Banecats' last known hideout location.

Chapter 11 - Flora

Having provoked the ire of the Dog Soldiers and local Chockers, Tessera and her Banecats settle in their new temporary hideout - unaware of all the attention stirred from their chase of the archeotech.

Chapter 12 - The Cavalry

After saving the Banecats from the Goliath ambush, Flynt tries to convince Tessera to join forces with his Black Ash against the might of the Dog Soldiers - a gamble worth considering, given the considerable dangers looming ahead.


Chapter 13 - The Great Collapse

With the Banecats, Black Ash, and Rowdy Bois all reluctantly agreeing to work together, the leaders of this unlikely triumvirate gather to etch an action plan, based on the data recovered from the archive's stolen databanks.

Chapter 14 - Unlikely Alliance

With their rear flank temporarily secured, the fragile alliance's members draw their preparations to a close, ready to begin their assault on the Dog Soldier's defended vault. The archeotech is almost within reach...

Chapter 15 - The Archeotech

While gangers from the brazen trio race to unlock the vault, their leaders hope to grab the archeotech and escape before the inevitable Dog Soldiers' counterattack, a final and violent showdown which the Grand Dog would have no choice but to oversee himself.



Skirmish and Operations Mission Types

Retrieval Mission

There are multiple retrieval-type missions in Operations and Skirmish mode. The goal of this mission type is to collect and extract the required objects and resources.

Pit Brawl

In Pit Bawl, Melee Weapons are only allowed to be used. This mission usually takes place in a smaller map where you and your opponents take turns in deploying your Fighters. And once they're all set, they'll fight to the death. Each successful turn will allow you to deploy another unit. The last fighter standing at the end of the match wins.

Secure the Area

This mission type is pretty much common in every Operation you'll take. The goal is simple, secure the area by defeating all of the enemies, and at the same time, make sure to loot any Caskets lying around. However, make sure to keep an eye out for your AP and MP and manage it well so that you'll have enough to loot after battling.

Control the Point

Control the Point is a mission where you battle foes and at the same time take control of the lights scattered around the area. The goal is to control as many lights as you can while defending it from your enemies. The team with the most controlled lights at the end of the round wins.

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