Classes for Necromunda Underhive Wars refers to the different type of classes a unit can be. There are 5 different Classes in Necromunda Underhive Wars and each of them has unique Skills and attributes. These classes are determined in the game as the player's "Career", and those Careers are Deadeye, Brawler, Heavy, Saboteur, or Lay-Mechanic. Below you will find detailed information on each class and all of their Skills. Note that certain career Skills and Passives provide different bonuses/effects depending on the Gang you are using.



Gang Management

Having a balanced Squad will greatly increase its effectiveness in combat. Each Gang will be able to recruit a total of up to 15 Fighters at once, with 10 members held in Reserve - in case Active Fighters get injured, or to create different character combinations and synergies depending on the situation. Players will be able to freely rotate Fighters between each mission.

Career Uniqueness

Each of the 5 different Careers will grant Fighters a unique Signature Skill, as well as special Career Perks and bonuses to certain stats. In terms of fighting capabilities, all Fighters will be able to learn and use a great number of general Skills, but many abilities will also be exclusive to certain Career paths.


Classes in Necromunda Underhive Wars



Nimble Fighters capable of traversing the battlefield with ease. Deadeyes are especially proficient with rifles, making them excellent scouts and snipers


Tough Fighters who revel in close-quarter combat. Brawlers belong on the front lines, where they can disrupt enemy ranks and assist allies in need.



Large Fighters capable of wielding the heaviest weaponry, the mere presence of a Heavy is enough to inspire nearby allies and sow fear among us.


Masters of destruction who can affect large areas of the battlefield. Saboteurs use improvised explosives and traps to create chaos in enemy ranks.


Engineers devoted to the Machine God. Lay Mechanics build fortifications and bless or curse weaponry in battle.


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