Skills in Necromunda Underhive Wars come in two main categories - Passive (which will automatically trigger when certain conditions are met), and Active (which need to be performed manually). Depending on their level, each Fighter will be able to learn, upgrade and use a loadout of up to 5 Active and 5 Passive Skills at once, and successful players will make sure to create synergies across the abilities of multiple Fighters in order to increase the effectiveness of each individual unit, and the Gang as a whole.

Important Tips

  • Each of the 5 different Careers will grant Fighters a unique Signature Skill, as well as special Career Perks and bonuses to certain stats. In terms of fighting capabilities, all Fighters will be able to learn and use a great number of general Skills, but many abilities will also be exclusive to certain Career paths.
  • Your Gang will also always need a Leader - a Fighter of any Career who has reached (or been recruited at) a higher experience level. Leaders will have access to a special selection of “Heroic” and “Order” Skills, extremely powerful (but sometimes limited) abilities meant to inspire their allies and tip the scales of battle intense combat situations.

Skill Collections

  • Skill slots can be filled by purchasing elements from available Skill Collections, which will cost XP.
  • All fighters will first be able to learn Gang Skills, Career Skills, and Juve Skills. Fighters over Rank V will then unlock Ganger Skills.
  • Leaders, on the other hand, will also have access to specific Leader Skills.


Skills in Necromunda Underhive Wars


Active Skills
Passive Skills



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