Nightbane Trap

AP 15
Stacks x1
Attack AoE
Area 6m

Nightbane Trap is a Consumable Item in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of a battle that grants various effects such as restorative properties, temporary buffs to the characters, and debuffs against enemies. Each consumable item requires a certain number of AP in order to be used in battle.



Nightbane Trap Information

  • AP: 15
  • Item Effect: Placeable Trap that applies Poison to all targets in a 5m radius. If not resisted, the Poison will deal 15-35 damage immediately and at the Start of Turn.
  • Poisoned Targets also lose -25 Max Action Points.
  • Selling Price: 0
  • Purchase Price: 0


Nightbane Trap Acquisition

  • Can be purchased at the Shop


Nightbane Trap Notes & Tips

  • ??
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