Salvaging Benches

Facility Bonuses
Bonus 1 Craft 1-2 Armor pieces
Bonus 2 Craft +1-2 Tactical Consumables
Bonus 3 Craft +1-2 Offensive Consumables

Salvaging Benches is a Facility in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Facilities are buildings that provide passive benefits throughout the Operation. There are 4 different Facilities and players will need to select two that will remain until the operation is complete.



Salvaging Benches Information

  • Salvaging Benches is best used for crafting Armor pieces and to obtain Tactical and Offensive Consumables per shift.
  • Facility Bonuses:


Salvaging Benches Notes & Trivia

  • Skirmish don't take up Shifts.
  • In the darkness of the Underhive, time is counted in Shifts. When you select your facilities before completing an operation, you will receive Credits and items that are related to that facility.



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