Training Ground

Facility Bonuses
Bonus 1 -10% Cost of hiring Fighters
Bonus 2 -5 EXP Cost of Stat Upgrades
Bonus 3 -5 EXP cost of Skill Upgrades

Training Ground is a Facility in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Facilities are buildings that provide passive benefits throughout the Operation. There are 4 different Facilities and players will need to select two that will remain until the operation is complete.



Training Ground Information

  • The Training Ground excels at reducing the cost of EXP required for upgrading your character's stats and skills, as well as reducing the percentage of hiring fighters.
  • Facility Bonuses:
    • -10% Cost of hiring Fighters
    • -5 EXP Cost of Stat Upgrades
    • -5 EXP cost of Skill Upgrades


Training Ground Notes & Trivia

  • Skirmish don't take up Shifts.
  • In the darkness of the Underhive, time is counted in Shifts. When you select your facilities before completing an operation, you will receive Credits and items that are related to that facility.



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