Chapter 06 - Into the Fire

Mission Type Story Mission
District ???
Reward/s ???
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Chapter 06 - Into the Fire is a Story Mission in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Missions are various tasks that players can complete to progress throughout the game, Story Mode features 15 Story Missions where you will play as the three main gangs: House Escher, House Goliath, and House Orlock where you'll learn about their motivations and objectives.


Chapter 06 - Into the Fire Description

  • With the Rowdy Bois hot on her trail, Tessera sends Kyra to scout the tunnels ahead, as she continues to lead her gang downhive, through hostile territory and towards the archeotech.


Chapter 06 - Into the Fire Rewards

  • Rewards 1


Chapter 06 - Into the Fire Walkthrough

  • Once the cutscene ends, your enemy Kosson will move to a new position and activate Overwatch. Then, another enemy named Koerzk will move a few steps ahead to attack Mikine. Select Vex and head up the stairs on your left. A few steps ahead, approach the edge on your right and jump down to the structure. Locate Koerzk below and use Aimed Shot to hit his head. Then take cover and kneel.
  • You will then see that your enemy Kruk moves to a new position and activates Ambush. Then select Savyi, go to the upper left corner, take the bridge and use Aimed Shot on the left edge to hit Koerzk's Torso, then reload. Next, go across the bridge and kneel to take cover. Afterwards, your enemies Kosdax Mixine will both move to a new position. Draxg will then move towards Kosdax to attack him.
  • Next, select Hyviene and reach the edge ahead, so you can throw a Homemade grenade to Koerzk and defeat him. Use Entrenched and activate Overwatch  (Spread Weapon) to protect the barricade area. 
  • On your next turn, select Kyra, approach the edge on your left and jump down. Go ahead and kneel behind the vaults in front of you, then activate Iron Will. 
  • Then, select Vex and move forward to the next gear, stand by on the right edge and activate Overwatch over the area where Mikine is. Then use Field Repair to get off the Jam Effect of your weapon. When your enemy turn ends, switch to Kyra and move forward to the next barrels and activate Overwatch. Then select Battle Advice on Vex, who is above you on the left. 
  • Afterwards, your enemy Spezro will head up the stairs to Floor 03 and get defeated when he gets into an Overwatch area. On your next turn, select Tessera to attack Mikine. Next, use Grapnel Shot on Mikine, perform Entrenched and reload. Then turn back and use Order:Attack on Hyviene. 
  • On your next turn, select Savyi and jump down on your left, then attack Sourk. Next, activate Overwatch and end this turn. Kyra will be defeated by Zeken, then select Hyviene and throw a Homemade 'Nade to Sourk. Next, jump down, use entrenched and jump down again towards Sourk. Use Spread Shot to attack him, reload and end the turn. Afterwards pick Tessera and use Aimed Shot to hit Sourk from above, then use Entrenched, activate Overwatch, and Reload. After your turn ends, Sourk will move around, so Tessera will defeat him. Switch to Vex and use Aimed Shot to hit Zeken, then use Shot to hit him twice and defeat him. Next, move Vex to the next gear. 
  • On your next turn, select Savyi and loot Sourk and Zeken. Then, activate Overwatch next to Zeken body. Switch to Hyviene and go ahead,  then pass the vaults to reach the stairs. Face the columns on your right use Delay and activate Overwatch. Then select Tessera, and attack Barzov, next use the Zip Line on your left. Then choose Vex, take your left and move forward pass the gear. Approach the right edge and face the building where Harxro and Kruk are located, then activate Overwatch to cover that area and use Field Repair and Entrenched. Skip the turn, so Mikine will use a Zip Line and attack Tessera. Then, select Savyi and take the elevator next to you to go to Floor 05. Face Savyi to Harxro location and activate Overwatch to cover that area too. Then Shoot Harxro, use Entrenched and Reload. Switch to Hyviene, then reach the Zip Line on your left and throw a Homemade 'Nade to Gilfyr. Next, use Entrenched and throw another grenade. Then move a few steps on your left and end your turn. 
  • At this point, Round 5 will begin. Select Tessera to shoot Gilfyr twice. Then he will move around Savyi's Overwatch area, so he will be shot and defeated. Switch to Vex and Jump Down. Move towards Kruk and when you get hit by a landmine, activate Overwatch. Skip the next turn, so Barzov will attack Kruk. Select Hyviene, jump down to Floor 02 and go towards the area where Barzov, Rubylene, and Kruk are. Use Spread Shot to attack them, then Kruk will be defeated. All Dog Soldiers are now eliminated. Then set a Corrupting Trap in front of you, turn back and follow the rails till you find a gear standing, then end your turn. Switch to Savyi, jump down to the Floor 03 balcony below you, take a few steps ahead and Shoot Mikine, use Entrenched and Shoot again to defeat her. Then turn back and gather the Chokers' healing supplies on the stretcher.
  • After that, Round 6 will start. Select Tessera and jump down to Floor 03. Locate Cannon Emdha and Shoot her. Go to the right edge, use Entrenched and end your turn. Skip the next turn, then Barzov will move towards Vex to attack her. Then, switch to Savyi, turn back and head to the edge above Barzov. Shoot him, use Entrenched, jump down and move next to Vex and use Stinger Mould before your turn ends.
  • Skip next turn, Cannon Emdha will move around to attack Vex twice. Then will head up the stairs to Floor 04. When her turn ends, select Vex, move a few steps back and defeat Barzov. Then, reach the Reinforcement Door. After you end your turn, Rubylene will attack Vex, then she'll head up the stairs to Floor 03. Switch to Hyviene, then meet Cannon Emdha at the Reinforcement Door. Access the terminal on the left to disable the door, so you can avoid further reinforcements. Then turn around, and activate Overwatch at the head of the stairs.  
  • At this point, Round 7 will start. Skip your turn, then Zeken will head up the stairs, so Hyviene will attack him before he reaches Floor 04. Switch to Savyi, and head up 


Mission Important Notes & Tips

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